The Newburyport Chess Club is one of the longest-running chess clubs in Massachusetts. The club provides a friendly-but-competitive, handicap-accessible site environment, easily reached from greater Boston, New Hampshire, and southern Maine. The club holds rated tournaments and casual play weekly, meeting on Monday nights, opening at 6:30 PM. Tournaments are scheduled to run monthly, typically starting on the first week of every month and ending on the last week. Members range from Beginners to Masters, providing challenges for players of all levels. All comers are welcome.

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5/6/2021 club update -- We're finally back to playing chess! I want to thank everyone for being helpful in making our first week back a success. Each game was played on its own table, and the new space is huge, so we were able to spread out well.

As for yours truly, Gerry and I played a game that reflected some rustiness. He was better pretty much throughout, and I missed a couple of key defensive resources and eventually blew it with a tactical oversight.

Hrishikesh was the hero of the night, beating Art Nugent with black. Art is not prone to many losses, and Hrishi's efforts show what he's been doing this past year (besides gaining a few inches!).

I look forward to seeing everyone next week and for all of us to enjoy continued success.

-- John

PS: Reminder to folks returning, we will no longer meet on Tuesdays. Instead, we will meet on Mondays. Start time remains 7 p.m.

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