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2019 Winner Eric O'Connor over Gerald Potorski, 3-1.  3rd-4th place shared by John Elmore and Art Nugent.
2018 Winner Gerald Potorski over John Elmore, 2.5-0.5. 3rd-4th place shared by Robert Georgenes and Eric O'Connor
2017 Winner John Elmore over Tim Newman, 3-1. 3rd-4th place shared by Ron Burris and Eric O'Connor.
2016 Winners Tim Newman and Frank Sisto tied at 10.5-1.5, 3rd Place Eric O'Connor at 8-4.
2015 Winner Frank Sisto, 10-2. 2nd Place John Elmore 9.5-2.5, 3rd place Tim Newman 7-5.
2014 Winner Frank Sisto, 11-1. 2nd place John Elmore 7.5-4.5, 3rd place Ron Burris 6-6.
2013 Winner John Elmore over Geoff Collins, 2.5-0.5. 3rd-4th place Gerald Potorski and Frank Sisto.
2012 Winner Geoff Collins over John Elmore, 2.5-0.5. 3rd-4th place, Gerald Potorski and Art Nugent.
2011 Winner Geoff Collins over Frank Sisto, 2.5-0.5. 3rd-4th place, John Elmore and Art Nugent.
2010 Winner Frank Sisto over Geoff Collins, 2.5-0.5. 3rd place Alan Schalk, 4th place Art Nugent.