The Newburyport Chess Club is one of the longest-running chess clubs in the state of Massachusetts. The club provides a friendly-but-competitive, handicap-accessible site, easily reached from greater Boston, New Hampshire, and all the way to southern Maine. The club holds rated tournaments and casual play weekly, meeting on Thursday nights, opening at 6:30 PM. All tournaments run monthly, starting on the first week of every month and ending on the last week. Members range from beginners to masters, providing challenges for players of all levels.

All comers are welcome. Please view our Results page to see who has been playing.

For more information, please contact John Elmore via email or phone (603) 918-0386.


Have you looked at the standings for the Club Championship? Go to the our Results page to see the standings. Only three months left to qualify, and remember, format is expanded this year to include 8 players!

What it feels like every time I get into the Black side of the Exchange French.

Daily Puzzle